Top 10 Hotest Travel Bloggers In Bangalore To Take Impressive Inspiration

Travel plays a significant role in our lives since it not only exposes us to new experiences but also creates lifelong memories. Travel influencers are nothing more than an inspiration, sharing their memories and experiences with their followers and inspiring people to go on epic adventures. Their trip stories are not only delicious to salivate over; they also evoke the nostalgia that we, the viewer, must have had at one point in the past.

The current digital environment encourages people to openly express their emotions through the use of images, text, video, audio, and more. Due to this, many people have turned it into a full-time job, focusing on industries like beauty, lifestyle, cuisine, and fitness. Travel is the industry that has drawn the most attention, despite the fact that all of these industries have had tremendous growth. Many thanks to the travel bloggers who have explored every single facet of it. Their vacation experiences have been transformed into creative material, which they have delivered in an interesting yet honest way.

Due to the Indian subcontinent’s diversity in terms of culture, history, and beauty, many bloggers have emerged who have done all in their power to prove to their readers just how valuable it is. There are several travel influencers that have earned recognition in their particular locations, despite the fact that a large number of Indian travel blogs dominate the influencer marketing field nationally.

The huge metropolis of Bangalore is not just a center for IT, but it is also where inspirational figures like the top 10 travel bloggers In Bangalore are created. So, in order to inspire you, thrill you, and most importantly, make you want to pack your bags and go on vacation immediately, here are the best travel bloggers In Bangalore! Let’s explore with Travelgenus

Top 10 Travel Bloggers in Bangalore

Top 10 Travel Bloggers in Bangalore
Top 10 Travel Bloggers in Bangalore

Harleen Singh

Meet Harleen, a wanderlust fanatic whose trip journals are thrilling on every page. Her blog is a clear indication of how much she loves to travel. This blogger’s page will undoubtedly inspire you to escape the busy city and go on vacation with its collection of the greatest travel plans, practical travel recommendations, and lists of the top attractions. Her blog entries are insightful, original, and sincere. So, to obtain the greatest travel advice, make sure you follow her.

Macro Traveller

Nivedith G has won our hearts by producing exclusive material in the form of captivating travel narratives. Nivedith, a traveler from Bangalore, has left his mark all across the nation, illuminating its diversity and beauty. He has been in the business for a while and has already received a few honors for his innovation and originality in his work. His storytelling style is just beautiful, and it will make you want to go on vacation as soon as you visit his site.

Simran Jain: The Moody Vibe

Simran Jain: The Moody Vibe
Simran Jain: The Moody Vibe

Simran Jain has come a long way from her days of making people swoon over her travel and fashion tales. She is a Bangalore-based travel influencer who blogs about her experiences traveling and provides breathtaking photos that express her feelings. She has worked with sponsors on several occasions thanks to her outstanding content, making her one of the top bloggers in Bangalore. For the greatest travel advice, follow her!

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Meet Dolly, one of the coolest bloggers in Bangalore who has wowed the world with her impeccable content production and incredible travel stories. People have some serious travel aspirations after learning that she has visited 14 countries so far. Dolly is one of the top travel bloggers in Bangalore and also runs the YouTube channel “Chilly Studios”. She has also been mentioned in the Deccan Chronicles, LBB, and Woovly. For travel ideas on the go, follow her!


NehaSomvanshi knows no limitations when it comes to making people go crazy with her bizarre travel tales. She has been writing a blog for a long, describing her travel adventures in the most original way. In order to keep inspiring her audiences, she has worked with several travel and lifestyle firms. She has become one of the most popular bloggers in Bangalore because she lacks fear. If you want to find original and motivational information, follow her.


Meet Nikita, one of the best travel bloggers in Bangalore who likes to keep things unique. She has traveled to a few locations thus far and has captured some lovely events to share with her audience, earning her a lot of admiration. She is one of the top influencers in Bangalore thanks to her dedication and enthusiasm. Follow her if you’re hoping to find some motivational travel articles as well!

MADHU: Madhu On The Go

Abbreviation for Madhulika Madhu is a marketing expert who never misses a chance to visit the world’s top tourist attractions. She has content on her own blog and Instagram account for every person. She has it all, from cheap vacations to luxurious accommodations, from adventurous journeys to unique experiences. So use her trip inspiration by following in her footsteps, and then thank us after!

SHEETAL DORBY: The Beautitude

SHEETAL DORBY: The Beautitude
SHEETAL DORBY: The Beautitude

This Bangalore-based writer, an engineer by trade, has won our hearts. A popular fashion and travel blogger named SheetalDobry is renowned for creating high-caliber posts that readers look forward to. She makes sure that her experiences are beneficial for her listeners everywhere she travels. This blogger was raised and was born in the stunning state of Uttarakhand, and she knows how to share her enthusiasm with others. She has everything you need for the ideal holiday, including travel guides and lookbooks!

PRIYANJANA: Moonshine And Sunlight

This travel blogger who shares her emotions on her blog has come a long way. Her veins are filled with creativity, and she never fails to use it to produce work of the highest caliber that people can use and relate to in an effective way. Priyanjana has it all covered for us, from reviewing resorts to writing about the top 5 destinations. She is one of the top travel bloggers in Bangalore because of her honesty.

RASHMITA: The Glam Journal

The phrases “dreamer,” “wanderer,” and “curious” best define this travel influencer. Rashmita has already visited 23 nations while collecting her experiences from two continents. Her audience size and substance speak for itself, earning her a spot among the best bloggers in Bangalore. Go to her blog right now if you’re interested in learning more about her travel adventures.


Traveling soothes the spirit, gives our brains wings, and most importantly, helps us feel alive. It is something that can only be felt, not imagined. Therefore, the moment is now if you intend to give a name to your trip adventures. Not sure how to proceed? Remain calm since the top bloggers in Bangalore marketing company in India can assist you. Travel the world, document your experiences, maintain your authenticity, and turn it into a full-time job. After all, living is to travel!

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