2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van Review: Comfort and Versatility for Your Adventures

The 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van is a versatile and spacious vehicle that promises to be a perfect travel companion for families and groups. With its stylish design, ample seating capacity, and an array of advanced features, the Savana offers a comfortable and enjoyable journey on the road. Travelgenus delves into the various aspects of the 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van, exploring its design, features, performance, and overall value for money.

Overview of the 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van

Overview of the 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van
Overview of the 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van

The GMC Savana is a full-size passenger van that can comfortably accommodate up to nine occupants. It comes with a choice of engine options and configurations to suit diverse needs, making it a popular choice for large families, shuttle services, and commercial use. The 2022 model retains the classic appeal of the Savana while incorporating modern upgrades to enhance its appeal and functionality.

Exterior Features

Stylish Design

The 2022 Savana boasts a robust and eye-catching design. Its bold front grille and distinctive headlights exude confidence on the road. The van’s elongated body and clean lines contribute to its aerodynamic efficiency and lend it a modern, timeless appearance.

Spaciousness and Dimensions

One of the standout features of the Savana is its incredible interior space. With ample legroom and headroom, even tall passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride. The van’s dimensions ensure that there is plenty of cargo space behind the rear seats, making it perfect for extended trips or carrying luggage for a large group.

Lighting and Safety Features

The GMC Savana prioritizes safety with a range of advanced features. The LED headlights provide excellent visibility at night, while the available safety tech, such as blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist, helps prevent accidents and ensures passenger safety.

Interior Comfort and Amenities

Interior Comfort and Amenities
Interior Comfort and Amenities

Seating Arrangements

Inside the Savana, passengers are treated to plush seating with multiple configurations. The van can be equipped with either individual bucket seats or bench seats, depending on the buyer’s preferences. The flexible seating options allow for easy customization to suit various needs.

Infotainment System

The Savana comes with an intuitive infotainment system that keeps passengers entertained throughout the journey. The large touchscreen display provides access to various functions, including navigation, music, and smartphone integration.

Climate Control

To ensure everyone’s comfort, the Savana is equipped with an efficient climate control system. The dual-zone automatic climate control allows passengers in different rows to adjust the temperature according to their preferences.

Storage Space

For a van designed for excitement and adventure, storage space is essential. The Savana delivers numerous storage compartments strategically placed throughout the cabin, offering plenty of room to store personal items and travel essentials.

Performance and Engine Specifications

Performance and Engine Specifications
Performance and Engine Specifications

Engine Options

The 2022 Savana offers a choice of powerful engines. The standard engine is a V6 that provides ample power for daily driving, while an optional V8 engine is available for those seeking more towing capacity and overall performance.


GMC pairs both engines with a smooth-shifting automatic transmission that optimizes fuel efficiency while ensuring a seamless driving experience.

Towing Capacity

For those who plan on towing trailers or boats, the Savana’s towing capacity is commendable. It can handle substantial loads, making it ideal for camping trips and outdoor adventures.

Driving Experience and Handling

Ride Quality

The Savana’s suspension system is tuned to deliver a comfortable and smooth ride even on long journeys. Bumps and road imperfections are absorbed, keeping passengers at ease.


Given its size, some might expect the Savana to be challenging to maneuver, but it surprises with its agility and ease of handling, making city driving and parking hassle-free.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

The GMC Savana prioritizes safety with its range of driver assistance features. From stability control to antilock brakes, the van is equipped to provide a safe and secure driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Fuel Economy

Given its size and passenger capacity, the Savana delivers respectable fuel efficiency. Its modern engine technologies and aerodynamic design contribute to its economical fuel consumption.

Eco-Friendly Features

GMC has made efforts to improve the van’s environmental impact. Eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient components are used wherever possible, ensuring the Savana is environmentally responsible.

Maintenance and Reliability

Warranty Coverage

GMC provides a comprehensive warranty package for the Savana, offering peace of mind to owners. The warranty covers various components and services, protecting against unforeseen expenses.

Service Intervals

Regular maintenance is essential for any vehicle’s longevity, and GMC has made it easy for Savana owners with reasonable service intervals and easy access to authorized service centers.

Pricing and Value for Money

Base Model vs. Upgrades

The Savana’s base model offers an attractive starting price, making it an accessible option for many buyers. Additionally, GMC provides various optional upgrades and packages for those who want to add more features and amenities.

Competitor Comparison

Before making a purchase decision, comparing the Savana with other passenger vans in the market can provide a clearer picture of its value for money.

Pros and Cons of the 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van


  • Ample passenger capacity
  • Comfortable and spacious interior
  • Impressive towing capability
  • Advanced safety features
  • User-friendly infotainment system


  • Fuel economy could be better compared to smaller vehicles
  • Limited off-road capabilities due to its size

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The best way to gauge a vehicle’s performance and reliability is to hear from real customers. Online reviews and testimonials often provide valuable insights into the ownership experience of the 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van.


The 2022 GMC Savana 9 Passenger Travel Van is a top choice for those in need of a versatile and spacious vehicle. Its stylish design, comfortable interior, and impressive performance make it an excellent option for families, travel enthusiasts, and commercial use alike. With its range of safety features, infotainment options, and advanced technologies, the Savana promises a safe and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

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